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Hi VR doctors! I'm a medical student at UCL and this year I set up UCL MedTech Society, which is an interdisciplinary collective of students from tech backgrounds e.g. computer science, engineering, maths and students from life sciences backgrounds e.g. pharmacy, medicine etc who have come together to see how technology can solve problems in health care. For our society launch event we were hoping to have a VR/AR in medicine theme, which would allow students to see the amazing work being done in this space. Would anyone from this group be willing to demo their product and allow people to use it for a few hours? If you have a product but would not yet want people to use but would like to talk about it, we would also appreciate if you could talk about it for a VR/AR lecture series we'll run. Our launch event will be November 2nd at UCL bloomsbury campus. Thanks in advance! ... See MoreSee Less

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It's been a little quiet on here for a while, so I wonder if any of you would like to share what you've been up to in clinical VR recently?

I'll start - still using VR for wound care with patients, although not having a dedicated setup (hardward) is hampering my ability to scale it. Patients and nurses remain very keen.

*VR for phantom limb pain is moving more slowly, mainly because of my day job!
*I've got the beginnings of a project on using 360 video for clinical applications, but more of that later
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We have a PhD student starting work on how to train first responders in VR for de-escalation when confronted with a mental health situation. We are looking at how actors in VR can play the role of the patient and create immersive environments to make the training more effective ... See MoreSee Less

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