This page links to articles, blogs, podcasts and presentations that I have been involved in. Some are behind paywalls or logins: sorry about that! Where possible I’ve tried to host the original article.

Can a virtual revolution be an NHS reality?

The immersive experience of virtual reality is poised to transform the way clinicians and patients experience healthcare, writes Richard Vize. But hard evidence of its effectiveness and value for money is required before the NHS and medical schools can justify investment.
14th August 2017 – Digital Health: London – Richard Vize Article

Virtual Care

Self-confessed geek Dr Keith Grimes talks about his mission to more fully integrate digital technology into the GP consulting room
4th April 2017 – GPST Magazine – MDDUS – Kristin Ballantyne 

Special Report: Digital Patient

Achieving a shift to digital patient services is a golden thread of STP plans, Claire Read examines how the landscape is shifting and attitudes are changing to the diverse range of new tools and services that place patients in control of their health, but the key challenge remains reaching scale.
March 2017 – Digital Health – Claire Read

Health Care X-Ray Podcast: 

A bit late in the sharing, but here is a podcast by Sam Waterson, a medical student at St George’s in London, UK.

In it I talk about my experience of using Virtual Reality in my clinical practice, using Virtual Reality in ICU with the PREVENT ICU DELIRIUM project, and the importance of generating evidence and avoiding harm while innovating in the NHS
December 2016 – Link to Podcast

Prints & the revolution

Don’t roll your eyes at the mention of 3D printing – its potential for good in the NHS is huge
1st March, 2016: Health Service Journal

10 ways medicine will change by 2050

How will new technologies affect the way patients are diagnosed and treated? Our panel of experts make their predictions
1st April, 2015: Pulse magazine

What will the GP Surgery of 2050 look like? 

Dr Ben Riley and Dr Keith Grimes look at the type of premises GPs could be working from in 35 years’ time
1st April, 2015: Pulse Magazine

Revolution by the Railway

The Eastbourne Station Health Centre is starting to gain a reputation for the innovative methods employed by medical director Dr Keith Grimes. He tells George Carey what’s going on down by the tracks.
December 2014: Practice Business p27-29 – George Carey