About me

Dr Keith Grimes a General Practitioner and Digital Healthcare Consultant.

With 20 years’ experience of work within the NHS, he’s led award winning projects including MyLittleOne, a neonatal camera & tablet system, and Brighton & Hove Roving GP service.

Current projects include ‘See What I See’, an evaluation of Google Glass for remote consultations, and ‘PREVENT ICU Delirium’, a ground-breaking project aiming to reduce Post-operative Delirium using Virtual Reality.

A lifelong Geek & Gamer, he’s the founder of  ‘VR Doctors’: an online community dedicated to exploring Virtual & Augmented Reality in Health & Social Care. As @theVRDoctor, he publishes a regular vlog exploring the use of Immersive Reality technology in healthcare

All posts are personal opinions and represent my own views and not those of my employer, Integrated Care 24 ltd

Declaration of Interests

  • I am a salaried employee of IC24 ltd, a not-for-profit company providing Out-of-hours and Primary Care Services
  • I am the founder of VRDoctors.net , a forum for clinicians, patients and developers to explore the potential and practical applications of VR in health and social care